Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Friday Arrest

Torrance Scott Lahey
On November 23, 2012 at 1:56 A.M. officers responded to a suspicious person inside the Walmart located at 2720 Watson Boulevard.  The male, Torrance Scott Lahey (33 years old), was escorted outside the business.

Officers asked for consent to search Mr. Lahey.  He consented to the search.  While attempting to search Mr. Lahey tried to put his hand in his pocket.  Officers told him not to place his hands in his pockets but Mr. Lahey attempted to do so again and began snatching away from officers.  The officers attempted to secure Mr. Lahey’s hands but he continued to resist.

Mr. Lahey was taken to the ground in an attempt to gain control over him but he would not remove his left arm from underneath his body.  Officers instructed Mr. Lahey to release his arm but he continued to refuse.  An officer delivered a drive stun with his Taser to Mr. Lahey’s lower back in an attempt to get him to release his arm from underneath his body.  Officers were able to get his arm from under his body and secure his hands into handcuffs. 

Mr. Lahey received a small laceration over his right eye from the struggle on the ground.  EMS was called to the scene to check on his injuries but he refused treatment. 

Officers found a credit card in his pocket with another name on it.  Officers contacted the owner of the credit card who informed them that Mr. Lahey was not suppose to have possession of the card.

Mr. Lahey was charged with Obstruction and Theft By Receiving Stolen Property.

Mr. Lahey has previous arrest with the Warner Robins Police Department for:

  • 2009 - Violation of Probation
  • 2009 - Theft By Receiving Stolen Property
  • 2008 - Terroristic Threats and Acts
  • 2008 - Driving with Suspended License
  • 2007 - Driving With Suspended License
  • 2005 - Battery - Family Violence