Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Officer Helps Educate Family About Child Safety Restraints

Another great story about one of our officers serving our community!

"Regarding a recent request for a report during a traffic incident (fender-bender), I would like to inform you on how your Officer David Hale responded.

Officer Hale was very professional and very informative to our family.  Although we considered our approach to protecting our 16 month old son in a car seat generally secure, Office Hale offered more information concerning our baby's protection.  

He adamantly demonstrated the proper methods to secure the car seat using the seat belt, and he explained why these techniques were important.  I was VERY appreciative of his informative demeanor.  We did learn that most of what he told us was probably included in the instructions for the car seat, but who reads instructions for car seats……:):)  

He also informed us on general information about purchasing car seats and accessories.    This was a very impressive experience.  Again, thank you Officer Hale!"