Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Commitment, Dedication, & Service

Officers never know what situations they may face during their tour of duty.

Routine patrols can turn chaotic in a second and demand they make split second decisions to save lives.  Once such instance occurred last month.  

Below is a letter of commendation from a patrol Lieutenant that describes the dedication of our officers and their commitment to serve.

"On 5/18/13 Sergeant Tim Gray and several officers were on the scene at Jus One More clearing the parking lot.  While clearing the crowd they were advised of a fight breaking out behind the businesses.  Officers entered the area of the fight and discovered two stabbing victims and an extremely chaotic scene.  One stabbing victim was bleeding profusely from a stab wound to the femoral artery.  The other had a puncture wound to his upper back.

While Lieutenant Jeff McCommon, Sergeant Gray, Officer Kirk Lowry, Officer David Adriance, and Officer Nick Taylor located and detained the offender of the assault, Officer Earl Nelson provided lifesaving first aid to one of the victims.  

Using his medical training, Officer Nelson triaged the wounds and determined that the arterial wound was the most severe.  He then expertly applied a combat tourniquet to stop the arterial bleeding and stabilized the victim for transport.  It is my firm belief that Officer Nelson's actions saved a life that night.

I am very proud of the actions of the officers and the supervisors at this incident.  They secured the scene, arrested the offender, and saved at least one life that night.  It proves to me that Warner Robins Police Officers are not just out to make arrests, but are truly here to serve and protect the citizens of our city.  

Again, I would like to offer commendations to all of the officers and supervisors who worked together as a team to ensure a successful outcome at this event."