Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Commendation to the Police Force

We love hearing about our officers and the great job they are doing to serve our community.  Here is another commendation that warmed our hearts.

"Good afternoon!

I live on Carolina Avenue in Warner Robins and have noticed increased patrols in our area.

I wanted to thank you as I believe more police cars seen will decrease the possibility of crime in my neighborhood.

Also, a couple months ago a suspected burglar was apprehended on Virginia.  I do not know the names of the officers, but they did an awesome job and were very diligent to find the suspect.  I saw several police vehicles searching the area for quite some time.

The funny thing was that my 3 year old grandson was at my house and when we saw the police cars, we went outside.  He said "Let's go help the policemen Grandaddy."  To which I replied, "I think they have it under control and do not need our help."  LOL!

We may be raising a future law enforcement officer!

I thank you for having a wonderful police force and such greta law enforcement officers in Warner Robins."