Tuesday, April 29, 2014

WR Church of Christ Says Thank You

"It is with sincere gratitude and appreciate that we recognize the following Warner Robins Police Department Officers:  Robert Broussard, Darren Johnson, Nick Taylor, Scott Webb, and Detective Shane Mann, for their professionalism and service to the Warner Robins community.

On the night of March 30, 2014, the Warner Robins church of Christ building was burglarized and church property was stolen and damaged.  The diligent observation of the officers involved identified the suspects, which led to their subsequent arrest, and the recovery of the church's property. 

The officers conducted themselves in a very professional manner and assisted the responding church leaders by reviewing and explaining the crime scene and police procedures. 

On behalf of the entire congregation, we the elders would like to thank these officers for their service and dedication to duty."

Elders of the Warner Robins church of Christ