Thursday, December 4, 2014

WRPD Investigate Alleged Threats at Northside High School

Release date: December 4, 2014

The Warner Robins Police Department would like the community to know our agency is aware of the photos circulating on social media in reference to an alleged threat at Northside High School.

These photos are circulating throughout the community and creating a public alarm based on alleged threats of a planned shooting at Northside High School. We have taken this threat seriously, and both the photos and threats are being investigated thoroughly.

These photos depict teenage boys posing with a rifle.  Our agency understands that these photos and rumored threats of a school shooting are understandably creating alarm, and we want the community to know that our department is investigating the matter.

We are in constant contact with the boys in the photo as well as their parents.  Our detectives have seen and identified the guns in the pictures as airsoft guns.

In addition, our department has increased the number of officers at Northside High School, and in the surrounding area.

We ask that any information or photos be submitted directly to the Warner Robins Police Department. You can reach one of our detectives with that information at (478) 302-5380.