Friday, January 6, 2017

Flat Stanley Takes Warner Robins

Many of you have seen pictures of Flat Stanley posted on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages as #FlatStanleyTakes WR. He's been busy visiting different places around Warner Robins. 

You may be asking... Why is Flat Stanley in Warner Robins? 

Madison, a third grader from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania wrote us a letter asking us to show Flat Stanley around town. 

   "I am doing a fun project with my class and I was hoping that you would help us. We just read a book called Flat Stanley. In the book, a boy named Stanley has a bulletin board that falls on him. It does not hurt him, but it makes him flat. Stanley realizes that there are many things that he can do, because he is flat. One of the things he can do is travel through the mail. So, our class is going to send Flat Stanley on vacation by mailing him across the country. I decided to send Flat Stanley to you and I hope you will take him to exciting places in your city. It would be really great, if you could take pictures of Stanley visiting these places. Don't forget to write back, send Stanley and the pictures. "


Flat Stanley has been very busy! First we had to make sure he was who he said he was and Det. Gravitt gave him a Polygraph Test. Don't worry he passed. 

He stopped by our Forensics Lab to see how to brush for fingerprints. 

He even helped log evidence with Officer Hunley. 

Made a new friend with Lt. McCommon. 

Hung out with Sgt. Smith. 

He even got to ride in the back of the patrol car.... uh oh Stanley

He was rescued by K9 Rasty 

Took a ride around town with Officer Thompson.

Visited City Hall and met Mayor Randy Toms.

and met a lot of new friends along the way.

He's also stopped by several other law enforcement agencies around the country. You can find pictures of his vacations on Facebook at @BOLO for Flat Stanley-Madison's Project.  

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