Friday, March 24, 2017

Family Dogs Rescued From Burning House

Earlier this week, while off duty, Ofc. Howell noticed a large cloud of smoke coming from a neighborhood near Gunn Rd. and Highway 41. The smoke was a result of a house fire on Covington Cove.

He noticed that the house next door to the one burning was starting to catch fire, so he knocked on the door to notify the residents inside. No one was home, but he heard dogs barking inside. He searched for an unlocked window or unlocked door to no avail. 

With the help of neighbor, Eric Melton, they were able to kick in the door to the home and rescue two dogs from inside. Mr. Melton took care of the animals until the owner of the home got there. No one was injured.

This is a GREAT example of community members looking out for one another! Thank you Mr. Melton for being a #hometownhero and we're proud of Ofc. Howell for going #beyondthebadge!  #WeAreWRPD #WRPDstrong