Friday, April 13, 2012

Yes, It's True...We Do Help Save Cats From Trees

Everyday officers handle everything from traffic accidents to calls about shots fired.  It isn't every day, however, where they have to spend several days trying to get a cat down from a tree.  Members of the Warner Robins Animal Control Division did just that.

Animal Control received a call about a cat in a 50 foot tree at the 100-block of Oakdale Drive.  The callers said the cat had been in the tree for several days.  

When the tree proved to be too high for the officers and the Warner Robins Fire Department to climb - Allen's Tree Service was called to assist.  They were able to use their big bucket truck to reach the cat.  Their crew was professional and generous with their time and resources. 

Special thanks to Allen's Tree Service for their time and effort.