Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Child Safety Seat Law

Here are a few quick things to remember about the child safety seat law:

Children under 8 years old must be properly secured in an approved car or booster seat while riding in:

  •    Passenger automobile
  •    Van
  •    Pickup truck

The car or booster seat must be:

  •   In the rear seat (some exceptions apply)
  •   Be installed according to the manufacture instructions


  •   Written release from a physician
  •   A child who is under 8 years old but over 57" tall

  A child who is under 8 years of age and over 40 pounds may use a lap belt only in place of a car or booster seat when:

  • Vehicle is not equipped with a lap/shoulder belt
  • All seating positions with lap/shoulder belts are being   used to restrain other children
For additional information - Georgia Highway Safety